How To Design A Better Nightstand

Posted by Amanda Nowak on 3rd Mar 2015

I don’t know about you, but my nightstand is a mess. My husband’s is not any better either. Let’s temporarily forget the fact that these nightstands are not our ideal. My plant stand/marble tile combo is slightly better than the hubby’s IKEA piece from his bachelor days. These (and the bedroom as a whole) are what I think of when people say, “You’re a designer?! Your house must look incredible!” I feel like the cobbler with no shoes, I am the designer who hasn’t done anything to her bedroom. Sigh.

Before Redesign Nightstands from The Simple Home

I know many of you have similar issues with your nightstands. Too much stuff on/in them, they’re not functional enough, or maybe you just have your lamp on a pile of magazines on the floor. I decided to give myself a challenge: 30 minutes and no budget to make over the nightstands in my bedroom.

So many random things have collected on my nightstand, like earrings, bobby pins, and a bottle of water from I-don’t-even-know-when (embarrassing). Somehow books I have finished have not made their way to the bookshelf. There is a similar problem happening on the other side of the bed. My husband doesn’t have the reading material problem, but he is not taking advantage of the two drawers he has in his nightstand, and there is so much stuff on top things are falling off.

To start, I cleared everything off both nightstands except for the lamps. Bobby pins and earrings went in their correct locations. I put away the books I was not going to finish reading and the magazines went in the recycling bin. My husband’s too-big montage picture frame that was taking over all the real estate went away, and I put the other items like a flashlight, remote, and loose change inside the drawer.

Next I decided what I really needed next to the bed. I limited myself to two books-one novel and one non-fiction. Lavender lotion that I put on my hands before bed (lavender is great for sleeping!), my journal, tissue, and a flashlight in case of a power outage went into a small basket from the basement. For my husband, everything went into the drawers except the essential oil diffuser. I then took one of the pictures from the big frame and put it in a smaller one, then hid the diffuser behind it. There was also the issue of the spaghetti cords in the power strip on the floor. I re-routed the cords to hide the strip behind the bed and zip tied the longer cords to make things neater.

In a perfect world, my husband would have purged the drawers down to basics as well. However, he wasn’t home and that would have put me outside of my 30 minutes!

The Simple Home Her Before and After Nightstand

Here’s mine – how nice it is to see that marble top again!

His Before and After Nightstand from The Simple Home

And his – oh what a difference an appropriately sized frame can make!

I’m loving this finished product! Hopefully soon I can complete the rest of the room. Are you going to try the 30 minute nightstand challenge? Let us know how it goes! We always love a good before and after.