The Latest Accessories! And the most exciting holiday trends for 2020!

Posted by Amanda Nowak on 7th Feb 2020

If you read that headline and think, "Holiday trends? Is Amanda crazy? I finally vacuumed the last of the glitter out of the carpet..."

I get it!

But believe it or not, January is actually when my team starts the holiday magic. We take

scouting and sourcing trips to the country's design and decor markets where thousands (yes,

thousands!) of brands showcase their decor and lifestyle pieces. Imagine showroom after

showroom of inspired objects to catch the eye and imagination of designers like myself.

We Source Across the Country!

The Simple Home team visits industry shows in cities like Atlanta, New York, and Las Vegas twice

a year (winter/summer), and often High Point Market (spring/fall) to stay on top of trends so we

can keep our inventory fresh and up to date for our clients.

I recently attended the January Atlanta Market where my team hoofed it around 7 million

square feet of showrooms to see what holiday trends are going to be bigger than Santa's belly in


Christmas 2020 Trends

Here's a sneak peak at a few of the most holly-jolly decorating trends coming for Christmas


Gnomes - Those impish little creatures with the bulbous noses and stocking caps pulled over

their eyes add charm to mantels and end tables.

Velvet Figurines - The rich color and texture of velvet engages the senses—especially sight and

touch! We found these could be fun as strategic accents.

Kitschy Christmas Décor - Color, color, color! Playful, cheeky accents keep the holidays merry

and bright. No traditional red and green in this trend. Instead expect magentas, teals, limes, and

so many other colors you wouldn't expect in holiday decor.

Glitter Snow Globes - Dazzling, sparkling, illuminating! These snowglobes were in every

showroom we visited. Instead of a snowglobe you pick up and shake, these globes had a

constant movement of glitter swirling about.

Sloths/Hedgehogs - Why should reindeer have all the holiday fun? Make way for these

unexpected creatures to add whimsy to your holiday decorating scheme.

Decor 2020 Trends

And since we do have months until it's time to put up the tree and lights again, let's recap

trending themes for interior accents in 2020...

Terrazzo - It has moved from the world of flooring to accent pieces. This composite material

features the same pseudo-industrial style of cement but with added texture and color thanks to

chips of marble, quartz, granite, or glass mixed in. Terrazzo showed up in frames, vases,

furniture, and even lighting!

Deep Blue & Indigo - A gorgeous color scheme ideal for an accent wall, door, or a theme color

for select decorative objects in a room.

Millennial Pink Moves Into Coral Tones - This pale shade is classic and mature; not teenybopper

bubble gum pink. But look for it to scoot a smidge warmer to coral tones. Accessories in this

shade are an easy way to bring a feeling of warmth into any room.

Black/White/Gold - It's celebratory, yet neutral...classic, but somehow updated. The

Black/White/Gold trio just works! Choice accents can be incorporated into even the most

functional spaces for your residents.

Farm Chic - Modern farmhouse is still a thing! But with a slight update: expect cleaner lines and

fewer country-antique accents. What stays? Comfy furniture, select salvaged materials, and a

color palette of cream, light green, and cozy browns.

Now comes the fun part!

I review (read: obsess over) all my notes from the Atlanta show to curate a well-stocked

inventory at our easy-to-browse online store.

Look for new Christmas decor soon!

Holiday arrivals land July 2020. And are there any Christmas decor pieces you struggle to find for

your senior living environment? Let us know! We happily invite suggestions to share with our

community and work hard to find items you request.

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