Our Values

At The Simple Home, our Brand Values are the ideas and beliefs we hold in our hears and minds everyday.  They guide how we work and behave in order to create a memorable and positive experience for our customers.

Express Compassion and Kindness

We keep in mind that our industry involves difficult days as well as good. With consistent kindness, we express a level of professionalism that's compassionate to the unique challenges that take a toll on our clients.

Encourage Positive Experiences

We understand the range of experiences that will take place in the spaces we design.  With our creativity and expertise, we focus on cultivating more opportunities for good moments while being respectful of moments that require dignity.

Strive for Small Successes

We obsess over new opportunities to make a positive impact.  Whether it's saving clients' time or sparking a residents' smile, our passion leads us to creative new ways to make a real positive difference in the lives of others. 

Create Shortcuts to the Good Part

We search for ways to eliminate tedious work from a decorating to-do list.  With our enthusiasm for time-saving ideas, we help clients work more efficiently so they can spend more time on what really matters.